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Description of the stucco installation process.


Stucco overview and descriptions:                                   Download a copy of this


A.  New exterior stucco applied in Minnesota new construction.


            1. Upon positive exterior sheathing inspection we begin by installing color

matching steel drip edge over windows and doors, and should be 3/8 inch past the edges of each. 

            2. We install left and right hand kickout flashings where rooflines meet an

                        exterior wall.

            3. Next a 7/8 inch code-approved weepscreed is installed at base of walls to have                                 stucco.

            4. Application of 2 layers Grade”D” felt paper overlapped bottom to top from the

                        weepscreed to the soffit.

            5. Installation of ¾ inch plaster stop (casing bead) on bottom 3 sides of windows,

                        and sides of doorways.

            6. Application of 3.4 psf self-furring, galvanized, expanded metal lath installed

                        over paper. 

            7. Followed by corner aid.

8.      Most Minnesota cities require an inspection at this point.

9.      Upon approval our browncoat covers the lath.  A mixture of Portland, mason,

fiber, acrylic additive, water and sand.

10.  Installation of cosmetic trim, keystones, quoins, etc. takes place now.

11.  After 10-14 days of browncoat curing our selected finish coat can be applied.


B.                 Restucco over existing stucco.


1.      Usually there is no inspection required for this process, although buying a permit is still required.

2.      First we determine whether existing stucco is painted or not, there are several ways to do this.  One common way is to simply spray water on the wall.  Stucco will immediately darken, while paint tends to not change color.  Also obvious cracking and pealing is a very good clue.  However, “whitewash” finish appears darker when wet also.

3.      After careful viewing and preparing, sometimes patchwork is required where any damaged stucco exists.  Now is the time to address cracks.

4.      The actual restucco coating is a two coat process starting with a “brush” coat followed by a dash coat.  There are several color and texture varieties to choose from.  Usually determined on the start date of that coating.


C.        Patching, crack repair and color/texture matching


1.      Visually determine whether or not the cracking is worth fixing.  If the crack is only cosmetic and is not causing leaks/etc. we may recommend leaving them alone.

2.      Some cracks and patchwork need to be chopped out further into the existing stucco for a solid adhesion of our new stucco. 

3.      If cracks are caused by an addition to the existing home, we will install a manufactured crack “expansion joint” to be visibly pleasing.  ALL STUCCO AND CEMENT WILL CRACK.  Not all cracks are bad.

4.      We will then replace/repair the paper layer if needed for proper water shedding.

5.      Application of lath similar to above steps.

6.      Application of stucco basecoat.  Generally flush with existing stucco unless the texture is a “trowel texture”.

7.      After waiting 2 weeks a finish coat to match existing is applied.

8.      It is very common for the finish coat to appear much lighter for the first few months.  Slowly over time the finish will darken closer to the original picked color.



Dr. Stucco, Inc. is a Richfield based small business focusing on the exterior stucco of new and existing homes and buildings.  Our challenge and commitment is to do the best job possible matching existing stucco and giving an overall pleasing look.  Questions and help for the homeowner or “do it yourselfer” are usually a phone call away with Dr. Stucco. 


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